How to Recycle
Home Chef’s

A handy guide on how to recycle our packaging
and what you can reuse.

Bottle, Jar, and Portion Cup

All of these items are reusable for other spices, condiments, or food. The portion cup lid is a #1 plastic and the rest are #5 plastics, all of which can be recycled wherever they are accepted.

Ice Packs and Insulation

These items are both reusable and recyclable. The PET liner is #1 curbside recyclable. The denim liner can be repurposed.

Ice packs can be reused with coolers for picnics, cookouts, and other outdoor activities. To recycle, dispose of the gel from the ice pack in trash and deposit outer film in a recycling bin that accepts #4 plastics.

Meal, Protein, and Portion Bags

These items are fully recyclable at drop-off centers wherever #4 and #5 plastics are accepted. 

Box, Dividers,
and Recipe Cards

All of these materials are made from paper and are curbside recyclable. Recipe cards are designed to be saved and reused.

Plastic Trays and Aluminum Tins

After these items are washed, trays and tins are curbside recyclable.

How do you reuse your
Home Chef packaging?

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