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Reducing Food Waste with Home Chef

Home Chef is committed to reducing food waste at every level, from our facilities to your doorstep.

Reducing Food Waste at Home

Home Chef can help customers reduce food waste by only providing pre-portioned ingredients that match our recipes.
According to an internal Home Chef study, 70% of customers have lowered their household food waste since ordering Home Chef’s meals.
Households waste, on average, 38% less food when they prepare dinner using a meal kit compared to buying the same ingredients at the grocery store.*

Reducing Food Waste In Our Business

Home Chef reduces food waste in its manufacturing and production processes by donating unused food to local organizations and composting food that cannot be donated.
Home Chef finds opportunities to reduce waste in every step of the supply chain, including
  • Forecasting ingredient needs to minimize surplus
  • Collaborating with product and culinary teams to consolidate ingredients across meals and maximize our inventory
  • Working with external partners that can support waste reduction goals
At our facilities, Home Chef partners with local non-profit organizations that support communities facing hunger and food insecurity.

In Baltimore

Food donations support 4MyCiTy®—a nonprofit organization dedicated to lessening organic waste’s impact and building lasting food security and a healthier environment for the communities they serve.

In Atlanta

Food donations support Reflections of Trinity—a weekly food and grocery distribution that serves those facing food insecurity.

In San Bernardino

Food donations support Community Action Partnership—a food bank striving to alleviate hunger, malnutrition, and poverty throughout San Bernardino County.

In Chicago

Food donations support Rescuing Leftover Cuisine—an organization of food “rescuers” who partner with companies to transport and deliver food to a variety of nonprofits serving the food insecure.
As a part of the Kroger family, Home Chef’s retail products are also recycled via Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste action plan.